Posture Management Solutions Ltd


Posture Management Solutions Ltd is a highly specialist physiotherapy consultancy firm working with individuals with complex or profound disabilities and their families.

We provide the following services:

  1. Implementation of 24 Hour Posture (Physical) Management Programmes

  2. Education and training

  3. Direct therapeutic intervention / Rehabilitation

  4. Statutory Assessment of Special Educational Needs (SEN - Tribunal Reports)


What is Posture Management Solutions Ltd...?

Where do we work...?

Who do we work with...?

Our team is experienced in working with children (0-19) and young adults with multiple diagnoses including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, and other complex physical disabilities.

We are able to provide services across the southern half of the United Kingdom - England and Wales.

We have worked in creches, mainstream schools, special schools, colleges, home environments, residential and care facilities